Improve Tracking Plan with Avo


What is Avo?

Avo is a tool; used to maintain tracking plans and governance by validating your tracking implementation.

Why Avo?

How many times have you seen a tracking plan go out of date? (I assume if you are reading this, you have somewhat worked on a tracking plan before). Google Sheets (Confluence, Notion, Airtable.) don’t scale; they aren’t a strategic purpose-built solution for this job. Going back and forth with the developer working on the dataLayer to do some changes is a lot of overhead in maintaining spreadsheets.

With Google sunsetting UA, now is the time to plan how to improve the tracking plan for your migration to GA4.

Avo helps you with cleaner, consistent tracking plans by making data design easy and quick through collaboration within analytics workflows. You end up with more accurate data that doesn’t fall out of date by saving time. Along with keeping the schema in sync across your stack. Avo not only diagnoses duplicate/multiple events or parameter values as being accurate (naming, data type, value rule) and helps to prevent them from happening again, but we can also diagnose the existing issues with the current implementation.


Avo is a powerful tool for maintaining tracking documentation and making sure it has the expected schema and doesn’t break reports. I have started using Avo and love it so far. 😋

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